Dice Magazine Issue 59

By: Dice


Sold Out

Dice recently lost their collective minds and let Biltwell do a "takeover" of DicE issue #59. What this means is that they got to design the cover, a bunch of inside pages, and the special 16-page insert in the middle. Bill used to be the art director for Snap BMX and Transworld Motocross magazines a years ago, so this was a kinda fun flashback for him. The end results are fantastic, what a great issue it is. 132 heavy weight, high quality printed pages of sheer delight. If you have gear head tendencies and want to see the sort of one off bikes that are being put together in the basements, garages, and woodsheds around the world. . . the bikes that are fondled by the wild-eyed and sleepless. . .then here you are on the right path to two-wheeled glory. Dice takes a more casual approach to topics taken seriously by others. Dice is hands down the coolest underground motorcycle magazines out there.
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