Echoz Crystals - Fuschite Phantom Quartz Necklace

By: Echoz Crystals


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Beautiful quartz crystal with a fuschite phantom is carefully hand wrapped and secured in brown colored deerskin leather lace. The leather measures approximately 20 (40 total) inches in length.  Attached is 4 silver plated beads for stability, style, and adjustability.
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>> F U S C H I T E << • Teaches true self-worth and helps one stand up for his/herself • Helps overcome dependency • Increases the energy of other crystals • Encourages daily health and wellness >> Q U A R T Z <<. • Acts as a signet of protection and dispels negative energy
• Manifests happiness and positive healing
• Help open up the heart for a deep healing
• Creates a higher level of consciousness 
• Calms the mind
• Produces the natural energy of harmony or a balanced, solid-state energy field
• Great stone for your circulatory system