The Californio Hat

$ 125.00

Offering the widest brim in our Iron & Resin x Salt Ranch collaboration, the Californio will give you the most shade in the sunniest of situations. This 4” brim will be hand-shaped for a slight turn up on both sides, complimented by a 4 1/2” teardrop crown. We finished the Californio off with a hand-cut and hand-tied harness leather hat band that’s been secured with blood-knot. The harness leather band has actually been “hot stuffed,” a process of using a blend of waxed, oils, and tallows to permeate the actual leather - this makes it a bit more supple and highly weather resistant.


  • Blood-knot band: this band is harness leather that is then "hot stuffed". A process of using a  blend of waxes, oils and tallows to permeate the leather. Making it supple and highly weather resistant.
  • Finished with a blood knot
  • Hat made of guatemalan palm leaf 
  • Provides SPF 50
  • Breathable yet durable
  • Easily reshapable with cold water
  • 4 1/2' teardrop crown height
  • 4" brim with slight turn up on the sides


Hat size is based on the circumference of the head. To find your most accurate hat size, you'll need to convert the circumference of your head to centimeters. In order to determine your proper hat size, that will be the first step. So, you must take a measurement of your head:

  1. Using a tape measure, measure your head about one-half inch above your eyebrows where your hat will rest. Be certain that the tape measure is straight, not twisted (alternatively, you can use piece of string to measure your head, and then measure the length of the string with a ruler).
  2. Pro tip step: don't pull the tape measure (or string) too tight or your hat will be too small
  3. Take the circumference of your measurement in centimeters and write it down
  4. Use the chart below to convert your circumference measurement to the corresponding hat size
  5. Take the measurements again!  Remember: measure twice, cut once.

INR x The Salt Ranch Hat Sizing Guide

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