The Gentleman’s Deck

By: Frausto & Co.


Sold Out

In this day and age, when a swipe of styling gel and a wrinkled pair of jeans suffice for a formal evening out, the modern man could stand to step up his game by leaning on the lessons taught by old school gents. You'll always have something up your sleeve when you arm yourself with this handsome deck of cards designed to take your tack from déclassé to high class! This fetching set is there to help the 21st-century fellow avoid folly by assessing common fashion faux pas and the often-overlooked rules of etiquette, decorum, and gift giving. Look to the aces for the proper way to enjoy a cigar or that glass of top-shelf whiskey, the 10 of diamonds for how to tie a proper Windsor Knot, and consult the king of clovers for advice regarding what may well be the most fearsome task of all: meeting your future in-laws. Featuring 52 hints, cues, guides, and aids, this cheeky set is the ideal gift to woo that mild-mannered mister in your life. Printed on 350gsm matte-finish cardstock, and enclosed in a black foil-stamped chipbox
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