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Brick & Mortar- Moto Moda - A Featured Stockist of Iron & Resin

Store Name?

Moto Moda, which translates to motor fashion. We chose the name because its comprehensive of everything we're doing - motos plus moto-inspired fashion. And it just has a good cadence and symmetry when you say it and see it.

A little about your store (history, story about how you started and store name, etc.?)

I've been buying and selling vintage bikes for years, and Moto Moda emerged as an idea to become a motorcycle lifestyle shop and a vehicle for continuing to sell bikes on a bigger scale. So we started the shop out of a 1972 Airstream Argosy trailer, building the brand as we set up shop around Nashville and the mid South, typically staging it with my latest vintage bike find. We gained enough momentum that we decided to open a brick and mortar shop, which just launched at the end of October. We're excited to be taking the brand to the next level and kind of humbled by the great response we're getting - especially from other brands that we've been fans of for a long time , like INR, and from the motorcycle community more generally.

What kind of customer do you get?

We get motorcycle riders, the moto-curious, shoppers who just like our aesthetic, and Music City tourists.

What other brands do you carry?

Woorich footwear, Vanson leathers, Brixton, Arizaga Men's jewelry, Stance socks, Fossil and Hide jewelry,leather goods by Warfield Supply and Leather Feather Stone, Denim and Spirits, Biltwell, Cycle Zombies, Iron and Air and Sideburn magazines, and vintage curated by outlaw country rising star (and badass motorcycle rider) Nikki Lane

Favorite Iron & Resin product you carry?

This fall we're really digging the black Tactical shirt - such a great well-made basic that can be worn as a shirt or layered as a jacket. The Soledad sweatshirt is also a great staple - super soft and, again, just really well-made.

Any exciting news?

We've got some irons in the fire - our website and on-line shop is re-launching with more product. We're expanding our Moto Moda line and getting ready for wholesale distribution this Spring.

Anything else you would like to add?

Yeah, get out and ride! And if you're passing through Nashville, be sure to make a pit stop with us. One of the best things about running the shop has been all the great people coming through.

Moto Moda

521 Gallatin Avenue, Nashville, TN 37206

(615) 319-4301

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