if it breaks, we'll fix it.

repair or replace

We Stand By Our Provisions.

we understand that if you’re as hard on your gear as we are, stitches break and buttons bust. that’s why if any of our goods ever break down on you, you can send 'em back and we’ll repair it. and hell, if it can’t be repaired, we’ll replace it. for free.

of course, there are some limitations and fine print there, but we do our best to stand behind our goods for their entire lifetime.

our Repair or Replace Guarantee proudly covers:

- failure of product materials
- under-delivery of craftsmanship

please note, our Repair or Replace Guarantee only covers Iron & Resin product and does not apply to any third-party product that we sell on our website or in our retail store.

if it breaks, we'll fix it.

please note that the following are not covered under our Repair or Replace Guarantee:

natural wear of the materials and product over time, ignoring product care instructions including garment wash and care needs, animal damages, using the product for something other than it was built for, chemical damages, and 3rd party alterations.

if you have any questions about a product that may need repairs, please reach out to us through the link below.