Purpose Built Outerwear:

Outerwear. So many questions and so many endless ways to talk about it. But let's start with the basics: Why do you need it? What type of outerwear should you buy? How are you going to use it? Those are a few solid questions to ask yourself when shopping for a new jacket.

Since 2012, our brand has been on a non-stop mission: to create purposeful and quality-built provisions and make them last a really long time. Fast-fashion, what's that? We work hard to produce goods that go beyond a single season usage. Not only as a highly functional piece, but trims and colorways that are timeless. Inspired by the past. Worn then, worn now, and worn down the line. And whether those pieces are for camp, coastal vagabonding, short moto rides, long moto rides, tinkering in the garage, a night out in the city, sitting in the office, you name it.

That idea is channeled into our outerwear collection.

A Jacket For A Lifetime Of Use:

A solid jacket will serve you well, for many years, by functioning exactly how you expect it to. Protection from the elements: rain, wind, snow, hail. Daily comfort: warmth through insulating properties, breathability from unique materials. Protection from the unexpected: slides on the pavement, shock & impact absorption, quarter ounce bugs. A purpose-built jacket will check all of these off your list (and more).

From our heavy built Shelter Series Collection that's built with a 14.75oz waxed cotton canvas to our highest-rated canvas piece ever, our line of outerwear has a wide range of jackets to choose from. We leverage a wide range of adventure-proven materials with our production: Bedford cord, cotton bull denim, duck canvas, goat suede, and more. For every outerwear piece we make, the material has a specific purpose for that particular jacket. Function, seasonality factors, outdoor usage, and more.

Still not sure? Maybe you fall into one of these areas:

Waxed Canvas, Our Go To Material:

how would we describe waxed canvas with just a few sentences? good things never go out of style. and great things get better with the passage of time. waxed canvas is one of our favorite materials thanks to its ability to hold up to tough jobs and extreme weather conditions. its use can be traced back to the 1800s, when Scottish fishermen were battling the elements on the North Sea and found they could keep their sails from absorbing water when treated with linseed oil. think about ol' Poseidon showing no mercy of rain, wind and waves; so survival was dependent on great clothing.

We Have A Wide Range Of Waxed Canvas Outerwear:

around here we find ourselves living in our waxed canvas jackets pretty much all year long. they’re like our gritty sidekicks, ready for whatever we throw at it next.

it’s almost impossible to single out our favorite feature about waxed canvas outerwear... maybe that it holds up year ‘round no matter what? or the fact that the more we wear it the more patina it shows? maybe that it breaks the wind so damn well, or simply just the fact that it looks so good?

Our Shelter Series Comes Standard With Our Klamath Flannel Liner
We Build Provisions To Stand Up To Our Demands

The Perfect Formula For A Timeless Look:

with four unique goat suede pieces to choose from, it came down to being all about the details with our Rough Out Collection. premium material, a tailored fit, and simple lines. the formula for a timeless look.

The Nicest Material We've Ever Worked With

Goat Suede:

we've never worked with a nicer material than goat suede. it's some of the softest leather we've ever used. luxuriously soft, yet still rugged and durable.

The Moto Collection: Our Gold Medal Standard

purpose built provisions have always been a part of Iron & Resin. it all started back with our Rambler Jacket many years ago. well, we realized we were long past due to launch a radical line of armored motorcycle outerwear. from the demanding desert trails of Death Valley to the winding Devil's Tail in the PNW, we developed this brand new line of moto-centric outerwear to meet the needs of all riders out there.

our take on the classics

Inspired By The Past:

inspired by the early desert and enduro racers of the '50s and '60s who adapted rugged hunting and alpine jackets our collection takes these same principles and updates them to make the ultimate riding jacket for the 21st century.