Duck Canvas Workwear Returns.

The Range Collection:

you may have heard us mention duck canvas before, or maybe even have one of our past pieces. we've used cotton duck, like our Union Work Pants or Tatham Overalls, for all sorts of daily trades. changing oil on bikes. camping. nailing up james hardie lap siding on the house. sanding fiberglass. you name it. cotton duck is so damn versatile. and it truly breaks in like a dream fabric. one of our favorites by far.

plain and simple, cotton duck is good for a lot of trades. the tightly woven cotton gives its ability to block wind, resist immediate burning, and eliminate snagging or tearing. that is all really important when it comes to using a piece of clothing day-in-and-day-out. so whether you'll be in the shop or garage, in the back country or in the boat yard, duck canvas is an ideal fabric choice for workwear and outdoor clothing.

One Of Our Favorite Materials.

Built To Go The Distance:

as a brand that’s always striving to create goods that last, we’re relentlessly on the hunt for the most durable materials we can find. one of the most enduring materials we’ve utilized in our production is cotton duck. cotton duck is a heavy, plain weave cotton canvas formed by weaving two yarns together in the warp of the fabric and one yarn in the weft. this creates an incredibly dense, durable fabric that is probably second only to leather in its ability to block wind, resist burning, and is not prone to snagging or tearing. all of this makes duck canvas our ideal fabric of choice for workwear and outdoor clothing.

Tatham Overalls

Our Most Versatile Workwear Piece.

Built With The Worker In Mind:

made for someone who is a little more rough on their gear than the average-everyday-type-of-person, where full coverage is more than a luxury, it's a necessity. our Tatham Overalls are constructed with a heavy 18oz duck cloth, array of front pockets for holding the essentials, super deep pockets in both the front and rear, dual shank I&R buttons throughout, and 1.5" engineered shoulder straps. the bee's knees.

The Perfect Everyday Pairing:

the release of our Tatham Overalls could not have come at a better time, as it is long overdue. and these overalls might just be our comfiest piece to work in day-in-and-day-out. with a combination of durability, stretch, and reliability you'll soon begin to ask how you ever worked without these.

Terrain Jacket

More Than a Shirt Jacket.

Protection For The Extra Mile:

we get it, sometimes you need a little more protection from the elements than a simple shirt jacket. that's exactly why we built the Terrain Jacket. we're talking about a heavy YKK front zippered entry with a front placket that closes it all off with custom I&R shank buttons. the heavy collar is perfect to pop on those colder mornings or late-nights, plus we added front hand pockets to keep those mitts warm when everyone's taking part in that bullshit circle.

Designed For A Reason:

made with a heavy 14 oz cotton duck canvas and built with a definitive purpose, the Terrain Jacket has been updated from its previous generation. we've added our Buffalo Shirt flannel liner for that extra layer of warmth. it comes standard with a number of internal and external pockets for those daily everyday-carry items.

Service Jacket

Throwback To Simpler Times:

you know we couldn't resist feeling those good ol' vibes from the simpler times of the 50s + 60s. well, we tapped into those nostalgic vibes with our Service Jacket, and we'd like to think we nailed it: 14 oz cotton duck canvas, timeless corduroy collar accents, custom embroidered back, and our Buffalo Shirt flannel liner.

More Than Just Style:

there's no doubt that this jacket zips up handsomely with some OG style. we dig the tailored fit, the gusseted shoulders, the heavy canvas. to be honest, we dig all of it.