Sandmann x Iron & Resin:

During our travels around Europe last season, we crossed paths with Sandmann, a boot-maker who crafts some of the most beautiful, handmade boots we’ve ever seen. That paired with the fact that they’re doing it all out of a family owned factory that has been operating for generations in Spain, we immediately knew we had to do something with them.

Well, today we are proud to introduce a collection of boots made in partnership with our friends over at Sandmann, including our custom Quartermaster boot which features our heavy 15oz Shelter Series waxed canvas as the upper. With five unique styles (and yes, we’ve got a style for the ladies) there’s truly one for everyone. With Goodyear welted leather, rubber outsoles, and the fact that they utilize local leather to minimize the environmental impact, as well as a generations old construction practice, you will instantly feel the quality difference of these from your average everyday boots.

It Only Gets Better With Age:

Sandmann, like us, understands the nature of creating products that are born out of necessity. In this case Sandmann wanted to create a pair of boots that could not only last a lifetime of wear, but would look good doing it. Sandmann, like us, believes that products should grow and mold and adapt to your lifestyles as you use and abuse them -- creating a patina tailored just to you. And if you’ve come to know anything about us it’s that we take pride in developing gear in this same manner, gear that tailors and conforms to your way of life – no matter what that be, and these boots are the perfect encapsulation of just that.

In our opinion these are truly the ultimate boot, and we have no problem guaranteeing that it will be with you for a lifetime of adventures.