Every once in a while we come across something pretty inspirational that merits exposure in the blogosphere. Be it motorcycles, surfing, music or art or anything having to do with to aforementioned. We recently had the pleasure of meeting visual artist, Brandon McLean, stumbling across a series of mixed media pieces he had recently completed featuring motorcycle race imagery from the '50s and '60s. When asked about the inspiration for this series, here's what Brandon had to say. "Most of the motorcycle pieces and other pieces have recently been inspired by the societal pressures of manhood. Living up to an ideal set by a man’s father, following in his boot prints, transforming from a boy to accepting the responsibilities of a man. Topics such as being good enough, trying to be the best, competing, succeeding, having the most, and providing."

Some of the pieces here are for sale (some have already been sold). Hit Brandon up directly via email if you'd like more information. brandon.thomas.mclean@gmail.com
You can check out more of Brandon's work on his site here: http://www.brandontmclean.com

May 15, 2013

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