...rowdy 2-strokes, ornate choppers, vintage helmets, and enough personality to keep the crowd cheering throughout the cool coastal night.

The Iron & Resin Hooligan Derby saw more than triple the amount of racers the track usually sees in the class, and I guarantee you that you won't see a '76 CB360 being chased down by a rigid shovelhead (and 16 other bikes for that matter) anywhere else. The pit area was the place to be between races, with members of BA-Moto, Hell for Leather, and of course the Iron & Resin family all heckling each other and sharing dust with veterans Gary Swan, Joe Pape, and Bill Kee.

Race #3 of the series is June 9th, mark your calendars now. Don't miss it. Here are some photos to tease you for next time.

Photos by Scott G Toepfer and Jesse Carmody

May 15, 2013

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