The Iron & Resin Garage is located at 324 E. Main St. in the heart of historic downtown Ventura. The one hundred year old building in this blue-collar beach town, steeped in the history of cattlemen, oil roughnecks, surfers and Hell’s Angels, was a fitting location to lay down our roots and display our wares.

The Garage is a natural extension of the Iron & Resin brand, showcasing not only everything Iron & Resin, but also an eclectic mix of heritage and modern brands that we love. It’s both modern and nostalgic at the same time. The Garage is a gentlemen’s emporium of sorts – not catering to the dandy or gallant, but to the man who’s not afraid to roll up his sleeves, get dirt under his nails and ride into the hills to seek refuge in the wind and sky, surviving on whiskey and beef jerky for a week. In terms of style, we think of icons like Steve McQueen, Tom Waits, Keith Richards and Willie Nelson.

The product mix changes weekly. From clothing to surfboards to antiques and vintage finds to vintage motorcycles, helmets and riding gear, The Garage is a traditional general store to outfit the modern man. Along with our offerings of top shelf brands, we feature one of a kind vintage furniture pieces, vintage boots and jackets, accessories and gifts.

With plenty of free motorcycle parking in the back and a large outdoor deck, currently in the works, to host art shows, rides and hootenannies, we hope to see y’all in the flesh in the store or join us at one of our events for a shot and a beer and help us make some memories.

May 15, 2013

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