There is something great about community...and the feeling of running fifth gear wide open. When you put those 2 things together in one of the most beautiful places in the world...only good can come.

Our trip came up last minute, and went from a pipe dream to a journey in less than 36 hours. Before long we were headlong through Vegas traffic and a thunderstorm, headed to the fastest strip of salt in the world. After a few hours of restless sleep we were unloading our favorite machines and making friends from total strangers.

Bonneville Speed Week is a lasting example of a grassroots event organized each year by the same folks who helped to grow it decades ago. World record holders work on inspections, give directions to rookies, and suggest where you might find the best huevos rancheros in a 300 mile radius. The pits are filled with veterans and hopefuls, all shaking hands, passing stickers and sharing shade. People travel from all over the world at a chance to wait in line for over an hour in a leather suit to see how fast they can get their machine to travel across salt, and I feel like we were very fortunate to have been spectators this year. We caught "salt fever", and hope to take out our own in the near future.

Below are a few images we captured along the way.

Our first trip across the salt after the previous evenings thunderstorms and our motorcycles were thoroughly christened.

Captain Diiullo with more salt then pepper.

The British Customs bikes awaiting their turn.

Jason from British Customs putting a few of his motorcycles through their paces.

"Hey know this pass doesn't count for the record books...right?".

Toepfer's XS looking mighty fine in it's salty garb.

Have a question? Guaranteed that one of the vets in the pits has got your answer.

1955 Chrysler Windsor Deluxe tow vehicle. Nice!

Salt slicks.

The beezer attracting all kinds of attention.

Lowbrow Customs awesome Double Vision build awaiting Tyler Malinky to give her a go.

Hooligan Derby spectator and local Santa Paula hero Johnny McClure ready to take his turn on Course 3 with the Indian.

Our brother from across the globe, El Solitario staying cool as always in the Utah heat.

Team Carpe Diem setting 41 mph speed records on a 125cc BSA Bantam.

Max Somers and his pit crew, dad Craig, are Bonneville veterans and record holders...91+ mph .

Gear Grinders member and Ventura local Willy, backed up his 245 mph pass in his "Low Sodium" modified roadster and became a record holder and 200mph Bonneville Club member to go along with his 200mph El Mirage membership. He's got more knowledge and skill than most you will run into in Bonneville.

John Kelly is 70 years young and going faster than anyone else in his class on a production OIF Triumph...107+.

Brotherhood and comradery are abundant on the salt flats regardless of your native language.

Safety plays an important role as well.

As soon as you leave the start line you are on your own. Man, machine...and salt!

Do not fuck with Michele Brading! Multiple time record holder. Smashes records. Oh, and did we mention she goes 180+mph in a RZ500 powered 2 stroke lakester.

Better make sure your "lake brakes" are working at those speeds.

See you next year Bonneville...We've got "salt fever".

May 15, 2013

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