Swap meets are always hit or miss, and I always tend to miss out on Long Beach because I can't miss a good Sunday ride. But piecing together a pre unit TR6 necessitates a trip to one of the largest of the year, held this year at Irwindale Speedway. As most swaps in Southern Cal, Harley and chopper parts consume most of the aisles but damned if I wasn't going to find a few gems. The Cycle Zombies always put up a rad tent of goodies at these events including a couple great American bikes and vans, and Curtis met his match as far as negotiating for a helmet...the youngest zombie. If you had $4k in your pocket, you could've gone home with a few different Triumphs or BSAs in various states of customization. We finally figured out where Ronald McDonald retired. Plenty of memorabilia to keep your nostalgic tendencies satisfied. If you haven't had your boots cleaned/shined by this guy, it is totally worth his exuberant sales pitch. I know they will only be clean for the next day or two, but it is still nice to see them shine once in a while.

By noon we had sweat out our breakfast Red Bulls and our money.  I came home with a fully rebuilt front end from some folks from Arizona, and a rigid trans case courtesy of Four Aces Wes. The guy educated me and saved me a ton of cash.  Many thanks dude, you got a customer for life.


May 15, 2013

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