Second Sunday & David Mann's Chopperfest

Every year, Ventura's The Shop sponsors David Mann's Chopperfest here in our home town of Ventura, CA.  This year, we decided to get in the mix, sponsor the event alongside some great local and visiting brands, and share in the festivities by matching a ride into the event.

Our morning started early, setting up the booth and getting everything set up, and we were out to the store to catch some coffee and donuts before riding out for our monthly Second Sunday ride.  

Just a quick loop this time, around Lake Casitas through the canyons and back out onto the calm coastal highway. We squeezed through the line for parking and walked our bikes right into the even and behind our booth.

Quick break after the twisties

Back at the fairgrounds, it was already a festival of denim and leather.

Active pinstriping station, right next door

Our trooper Cierra, from dawn til dusk at the booth! She hates having her photo taken.

It wasn't all chopped up v-twins...there were plenty of British and Japanese machines there waving the cafe flag.

Ana...always with that big smile and ESMB charm!

Until you've met Jen, of Bandit Brand, you'll have to take my word on it that she kicks ass, figuratively and literally.

Lot's of freebies being handed out...but Winter Leather Co. decided to hand tool leather keychains for anyone who came by the booth. Serious craftsman.

Ball-peen means business

Chop, chop, kick, kick...repeat.

Three wheels forever

Matt of Pistol Magazine, another local favorite, good guy, and camera guru.

Kyle, stirring up the shit.

Another great event at the fairgrounds, a cool way to celebrate a great artist's legacy, local business, and a growing, diverse community. Iron & Resin, over and out

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