The epical Jalama Burger was calling our name, so we gathered a group who wanted to escape and camp out for the night, and hopefully get some surf in the morning. We loaded up our trusty Ural and the chase van with surfboards and hit the road. The ride up wasn't a "breeze" like it usually is, but more of a battle against the strong winds the whole way there. Our campsite was awaiting us nice and cleared out from the winds, and there seemed to be a lull in the gusts so we set up as fast as we could. It was about time to head over to the famous Jalama Beach Store and get some burgers for dinner, so we piled everyone up in and on the Ural (five people) to make the short journey across the campsite. There were more confused looks from the other campers than expected. Once fueled up for the night we had to go catch the sunset from the road coming in. Chasing the last light, we got up to enjoy the sun set into the pacific.

There is very little light pollution in this area and it gives an endless view of the stars in the night sky. Once the fire was going, the stories and shenanigans started as we burned through our three bundles of wood. Everyone crawled into their tents as the last log burnt out. The breeze never stopped and the tents rustled all night. Morning came sooner than expected but that isn't a big worry when you can hear some swell in the water. We gathered our surfboards and wetsuits and got ready for a stroll down the beach to Tarantulas to get some surf. Paddled out for a fun morning session and surfed until the wind switched. Sitting out in the line up looking back and seeing no buildings or roads is a great feeling. The fact that the only way there is by foot makes you appreciate that places like these still exist.

Hungry for breakfast, we headed back to the beach store for another Jalama burger, just as good as the last. Stuffed full, we loaded up the bikes and van, and were on our way back to Ventura. It was a short 24 hour escape, but sometimes that is what you need for a quick refresher before getting back to "reality".

Photos by Jessica Chiang & Samson Hatae

October 10, 2013

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