So the Pacific finally woke up and the California coast lit up like a Christmas tree. The reports were calling for some serious size, and not only was it going to be clean but we were in store for back-to-back swell.

It was time to dust off the bigger boards, hit the points, and check all of the weird nooks and crannies that lay dormant most of the year. The office was frothing to get in the water and as soon as the first long period swell showed on the buoys we were out there.

The swell brought some of the most dreamy winter surf conditions and it was about as good as it could get. A few of the days had some solid size. That's when you find yourself surfing a point and picking off 100-yard rights. Even some of the beach breaks held the size, but only for the ones that could make it outside and get lucky enough to avoid the phantom sets.

Its times like this when you remember how lucky you are to live in the Golden State.

Here are just a few pics we were able to snag before running out into the line up and getting some of the best surf this year.

January 30, 2014

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