Video by Dylan Gordon

Photos by Michael Krantz

Introducing the Iron & Resin x Tres Noir McCoy & 101er sunglasses

It was 75° and the sun was out in all its glory. The swimming hole was calling our names. It was only proper that we hopped on our bikes, packed a cooler and set out for an adventure. As if bringing the Ural (the custom side hack turned Baja surf adventure vehicle) wasn't enough, we were accompanied by one hell of a cherried out Lincoln Continental. Along with the pretty babe sitting shotgun, this thing broke necks as it made its way through the streets.

We booked it north on the 101 and set out for our adventure. We made a small pit stop for convenient store essentials but after this we pointed our vehicles towards the mountains and off we went. After countless hairpin turns, riverbed crossings and miles of tunneled trees, we arrived at the base of our hike, tucked away in the local mountains.

With a small trek and skillful navigation across pockets of poison oak, we arrived to a glistening oasis. The swimming hole had more water than we thought, and other than a few kids playing at the base, the place was ours. We cracked open our beer filled pleasure chest, had a cold one and went for a swim!

After countless hours of climbing, jumping, floating and bronzing in the sun it was time to pack up and catch the sunset; we scrammed on back and made it just in time.

It was an epic day to say the least...

Iron & Resin x Tres Noir Sunglasses from Iron & Resin on Vimeo.

April 17, 2014

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