Here at Iron & Resin we strive to make one heck of a durable U.S. product that is sourced from the best materials and designed with the most impeccable structure in mind.

Waxed canvas jackets dont grow on trees...

In fact it takes months and months of development and a tremendous amount of attention to detail to create. You cant really give full credit to any one person here at Iron & Resin because we all play a part, but there is one very important piece to the puzzle...the apparel production manager.

His name is Alex. He is the man.

As a liaison between the designer and fabric, trim and notion wholesalers, keeping tabs on inventory, managing deadlines with deadlines, and keeping everyone up to date with delivery orders, it is safe to say a production manager has quite the hectic job.

This Monday we are featuring a playlist from our ever so awesome production manager, Alex. This collection of songs is brilliantly curated and contains some great artist. Check it out!

May 05, 2014

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