Store Name? Seed Peoples Market

A litte about your store?

Well The Camp originated 10 years ago to become one of the first "Green" retail centers in California. The center has multiple Eco-friendly features including reservoirs under the parking lot that irrigate the drought resistant landscape, reclaimed and certified building materials to a 2,000 sqft roof garden for natural insulation and more greenery. All of this was the building block for Seed Peoples Market which opened up 4 and half years ago. We wanted a store where you could get lost in and find items that had more intrinsic value then say a large corporation. Whether that be from local artist providing hand made goods that were made down the street to outdoor goods from companies that take full responsibility for their impact on the environment.

What kind of customer do you get?

We get a wide variety of guest. Most are locals just enjoying the Camp grounds and stopping in to see whats new. Also a lot of customers gearing up for trips.

What other brands do you carry?

We look for anything that excites us. We have such a diverse group of individuals at Seed that if a few of us are excited about it chances are so will our guests. We also look for craftsmanship, mission, story and distribution. We don't look at what others are carrying and follow we like to support the little guys that are doing amazing things and are full of passion for what they do. We carry Filson, Pendelton, Patagonia, Hippy tree and Deus to name a few.

Favorite Iron & Resin product you carry?

Rambler Jacket by far. Although our 3 W's shirt and camp mugs have been popular.

Any exciting news?

Our first big Annual sale is coming up in July. Stay tuned!

Events happening?

We have a Pop up shop next weekend with a vendor. Usually something like this going on every weekend.

Anything else you would like to add?

We would love to do a Window with you guys. Possibly a bike!

July 15, 2014

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