The Coastal Collection -- A collaborative effort between the four like minded brands and boutiques Iron & Resin, Aloha Sunday, Oakland Surf Club and Port that all share a few common interests. The collection was forged from sharing the similar passions in clothing and culture along with their combined affinity and appreciation for the California Coastline. Each entity was responsible for choosing the icon they saw fit for their localized coastline and then the combined elements were created into a singular graphic print to be shared on a few garments and accessories. The capsule consists of a traditional Hawaiian style button up with combined print graphic,18"matching boardshort, 4 singular printed graphic tees, a custom knit 100% wool blanket along with a bucket hat and exclusive cap with leather detail from Ampal Creative. To add to this, the assortment is entirely manufactured by local vendors along the California coast.

Aloha Sunday of San Diego

We surf Blacks beach pretty much every morning before opening up the shop. On sunny days the north end of the beach will be littered with 100 creepy dudes bronzing in the nude. At first it was weird to see a group of disrobed middle aged men playing naked volleyball... but now we just write it off as a part of the scenery.

Iron & Resin of Ventura

One of the landmarks of Ventura's rich landscape is Anacapa Island's Arch Rock. Lying just off the Ventura coast, this 40-ft. natural rock-arch is the gateway to the northern Channel Islands and a permanent fixture in our psyche as surfers and watermen, and those who frequent this ocean playground.

Port of Long Beach

We have chosen the Long Beach oil Islands as our focal point the print. Also known as Astronaut Islands these dressed up oil rigs pay homage to how the City of Long Beach was founded with ingenuity, hard work and commerce. Mixed emotions have surround these structures since they were built in 1965.



The iconic Port of Oakland cranes are the muscle behind the west coast's busiest container port since the early 1960s. This influx of people, goods, and ideas has contributed to Oakland's diversity, culture, and beauty which are so beloved by the people of Oakland.

July 22, 2014

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