Store name? Channels

507 1/2 King Street Charleston SC 29403

A litte about your store?

Channels is a collaboration between myself (Russell Robinson) and Angelo Vlcek. We've been involved in the industry for a while and felt that together we could fill a much need niche in the downtown Charleston area. We're a lifestyle boutique focusing on the fashion side of the industry and pay attention to every detail when it comes to displaying product in our shop. We both own stores in Mt. Pleasant, Drift and Parrot Surf and Skate and Channels is a combo of both stores. The name Channels came from an old map of Charleston harbor that I was given as a wedding present. The map showed all the different Channels that dump into the harbor and being a coastal town we felt Channels was a perfect fit.

What kind of customer do you get?

Charleston is a college town as well as a town whose tourist industry is booming right now, we cater to both the college kids, tourists and locals alike.

What other brands do you carry?

We carry Roark, Volcom, RVCA, Wellen, Herschel, Brixton, Citrine Swim, Captain Fin Co., Tiare Hawaii, Billabong, Freedom Artists and TOR Jewelry to name a few.

Favorite Iron & Resin product you carry?

At the moment my favorite Iron and Resin product is the Revival Stripe Trunk, those things are rad!

Any exciting news?

We just opened our doors about 2 months ago so we're stoked to be planning the Grand Opening, we're throwing a few ideas around but it will be a party and a good time for sure.

Anything else you would like to add?

Moving forward we hope to have a solid online presence and have monthly events at the shop, whether it be art shows, trunk shows or all of the above. We just want to help expose some local artists all while having a good time.


August 08, 2014

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