Photos and words by Tommy Tatham

We've always had an affinity for traveling to and experiencing new places, so the invite to the Outdoor Retailer trade show in Utah and be apart of their new "Venture Out" section was repaid with a unanimous "yes". We squeezed all of our gear, Ural and sidecar, and three of our iron stallions into a trailer and set off for the Beehive State. After a fourteen hour drive which ended at around three a.m. in Salt Lake, we tried to get a little shut eye before setup day.

Exhausted and sore, we got the booth setup and decided to go explore SLC. The recent thunderstorms and intermittent rain left everything lush and green, which was a welcome change from the drought conditions back home, and made the ride into the show every day a pleasant one. Over the next five days we met, hung with and traded stories with dozens of delightful and engaging people, which definitely affirmed our decision to take part in this new section of OR. We were humbled by the graciousness of those who loved what we do. Each day after the show ended, we saddled up and took to the hills armed with patchy directions from our new local friends to many of the surrounding back roads and canyons. Our drive to experience as much as we could while we were there led us to some of the most picturesque mountain ranges and hill tops Utah had to offer, and we were amazed at the endless open spaces and landscapes we were able to ride through. Before we knew it and after a few tanks of gas and a couple of breakdowns, our time in Salt Lake come to an end.

Packed up and tired from five days of the trade show and after-hours adventures, we decided to head South and experience more of the renowned Utah mountains and backwoods. The road led us to one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the West, which is where we decided to settle down for the night. After we setup our tents and readied a fire, we wanted to hop back on our bikes and investigate the surrounding wilderness. With the higher altitudes causing the occasional backfire, we rode down every dirt road and up every hill we came across. We were once again amazed at the scale and sheer beauty which Utah is known for, and were left with memories that will certainly last a lifetime.

We'd like to thank everyone who came by and visited us, those who invited us out, and to everyone else who helped us enjoy your beautiful state.

Until next time Utah.

August 18, 2014

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