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Brick & Mortar- Craftsmanship - A Featured Stockist of Iron & Resin

Store Name? Craftsmanship

A little about your store? Simply put, Craftsmanship sells American made products for men that are sold in small batches from small companies with big ideas.

That being said, what we carry in our store is very important to us. We carry brands that we have already experienced and adore. We offer brands that have story-telling properties to them. Most of all we have brands that will connect with our customers and our own brand to create impact points that last a lifetime. We support small USA companies that are attempting something big.

What kind of customer do you get? Our customer is the discerning man who appreciates made in America products that hold a higher level of accountability to quality.

What other brands do you carry? We carry Topo Designs, Faribault Mills, Ernest Supplies, Ursa Major, Billykirk, Owen & Fred, Goodlife, Sterlingwear of Boston, General Knot, American Trench, Arcane Supply Co., Velva Sheen, Slinky, Trixie & Milo, and of course, Iron and Resin.

Favorite Iron & Resin product you carry? My favorite product is the Steve Mcqueen mugged t-shirt but by far and away the most popular item we have are the hooded sweatshirt pullovers.

Any exciting news? We just had our Grand Opening which was a Bacon and Bourbon tasting!

Anything else you would like to add? We felt passionate about opening up a brick and mortar store so people could experience these amazing brands in person. Online sales are a vital part of commerce but there is something traditional and experiential about walking in a shop, browsing, and engaging in these brand journeys...and making them your own.


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