Nearly giddy and shell-shocked from the unexpected events that unfolded, we laughed and recounted various spectacles from the night and knew that we all had experienced something special. We carried that momentum with us for the rest of our time in SLC, and know that it will always be a place that after we leave we can't wait to come back to.

I'd like to extend a huge thanks to Salt City Builds for the good times and welcoming vibes, to Cafe Mugshot for keeping our camp mugs full and caffein levels high, to The Rest for bringing us in and treating us right, and to everyone else who opened their doors, extended us invites, and showed us a good time around town.

See you again in August!

Chris, Thom, Jackson and Tommy T

by Tommy Tatham

Answering the call to return to a place you've grown fond of, is sort of like visiting an old friend you haven't seen for what feels like forever. It was with that excitement we put home in the rear-view and headed back to Utah.

After a two day drive of taking the long way by whatever backroads the map had to offer, we landed in town and got some rest in preparation for the following day's setup. We were once again participating in the Venture Out section of the Outdoor Retailer tradeshow, and also there to setup our collaborative "Outpost Shop" in Salt Lake's The Stockist. After a full day of setup and merchandizing, we accepted an invite from our friends from Salt City Builds to meet them for some "good times" and food cooked over an open fire out near the Salt Lake. How could refuse right? So we headed toward the setting sun. After almost being run off the road by a twin-trailer salt hauler, and taking nearly a dozen unmarked dirt roads, we pulled up to a small secluded spot at the base of some foothills. What happened during the next few hours simply can't be expressed through a few words, so I hope my photos can at least give you a glimpse into what we experienced.

February 10, 2015

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