5 reasons to own a knife“For all your days be prepared, and meet them ever alike. When you are the anvil, bear - when you are the hammer, strike.” - Edwin Markham

Your grandfather, maybe even your dad, likely grew out of a generation of men still being men. Now this doesn’t mean bossing around your secretary, sweeping your feelings under the rug, or never telling your children you love them - although there is a misunderstanding of old school manliness with this sort of boorish lordliness. No, we’re talking about preparedness.

Always quick with a handkerchief. Or ready for a flat tire. Men held a great care for not only form, but function. If a man wore cargo shorts in the 1940s he was going to use the pockets, dammit. You know how many lug nuts you can fit in those things? Nothing was for show.

Men owned tools. When something broke, we fixed it. And what better mobile tool is there than a trusty knife?

Eating an apple? Break out the pocket knife.

Caught up on some fishing line? Break out the pocket knife.

Bear approaching your camp site? ... You get the idea.

Aside from being a cool accessory - and it’s a damn cool one - carrying a knife is still a pretty good idea. Even today. Here are 5 reasons every man should own a knife:


Surviving in the woods... there’s an app for that, right? No matter how attached to our technology we are, each and every one of us would feel safer with a sturdy outdoor knife at our side. 

A cool stainless steel blade and a thick wood handle sounds about right. Something you can use to cut away the low hanging branches and shrubs that prevent a good old fashioned expedition through the woods. And perfect for catching and carving your dinner...

A knife for the outdoors2. HUNTING, FISHING, FILETS, OH MY

Speaking of going full woodsman, your journey though the jungle will require sustenance. The kind of fuel even granola can’t handle. You’re a man with a beard at this point (probably) and you require meat.

You’ll need a knife that’s as sharp as it is easy to grasp. A pocket knife won’t do here. You need a blade. Not a bad idea to keep on your belt, or strapped to your arm... the one with the anvil tattoo. And don’t neglect a good sharpening stone. The duller your knife, the duller your life. Write that down.

Opinel Knife3. DANGER

And a dull knife won’t do you much good when you need to survive in extreme conditions.

Find yourself in a rope trap, what will you do? Need to stand paw to paw with a beast protecting its territory? You’re going to want a tool that can double for a weapon. If only something like this was handy, folded up nicely in your cargo shorts... 

There are plenty of survival applications on the streets too. We’re not suggesting you pull a switch blade on a band of banditos trying to jack your stuff, but many pocket knives also have cool bonus tools like a corkscrew... Maybe offer to share a bottle of wine with them? Make some new amigos?


You are not your khakis. Or your rock collection. But if the things we own end up owning us, then why not own a collection of badass knives?

Here’s where form comes in over function. The art of making knives is still alive and thriving. Expert makers like James Brand and Opinel put a hell of a lot of detail and dedication in to making quality, collectible cutlery. 

And when the zombie apocalypse comes, you’ll be ready.

Knife Collection5. YOU NEVER KNOW

You know that annoying tag in the back of your shirt? The loose thread on your denim jacket? Or the rare coin lodged in sideways in the crack of your wood floor? How about the loose screw in your sunglasses that your screwdrivers are just too big for?

Yea, this kind of stuff. You never know when you’ll need a good knife. And no, your kitchen or steak knives won’t cut it. Literally. Plus, do you really want to eat off the blade you just used in your floor?

Today there’s a renaissance for living a life of meaning. Of being prepared like our grandfathers were. If you’re not prepared when the need calls for it, the last thing you’ll want to hear is, “Got a knife?” Don’t be that guy.

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