“The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot.”

- Walter Bagehot

 Hop the fence. Jump the track. Tear down that wall. The allure of experiencing what is on the other side of the barriers that we happen upon is one of the great joys in life. Some fences are designed to keep us in. Others keep us out. Some fences are physical barriers imposed on us by others, while others happen to be psychological and exist only in our heads.

 Go ahead. Explore more. It’s in our nature. It’s built into our DNA. Whether it’s your own back yard or some exotic destination half way around the world. Walls and fences, either physical or psychological are just speed bumps designed to make you ponder what if. Come on. Hop that fence. Tear down that damn wall. Take that fork in the road. We can’t tell you the outcome, but we can tell you that life on the other side may be a little more exciting.

For Fall 2015, we continue the story of exploring beyond borders, fences and walls. Roaming free. Inspired by our lust for adventure, at home and beyond. Seeking the unfamiliar and searching for new horizons. This collection is timeless, classic, and functional to a purpose, without being overtly technical. Rugged and built to last. And of course, made locally, right here in Southern California.

Photos & Video: Scott Toepfer

September 22, 2015

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