Meet me in the woods.
There is a red wood cabin
You’ll find it two miles up from the highway 
There is no road, just a trail. 
You’ll need to hike. 
Bring a bag with sandwiches, beer, and a blanket. 
We’ll walk. Bathe in the sunlight, enjoy moments of freedom.
We’ll play with hatchets and slingshots
You shoot first, and I’ll go second. 
You always had better aim.
Let’s hike the ridge and watch the sun go down.
We'll talk Watts, the central coast, and the natives.
We'll mull over life's choices, like Tecate or PBR.
Let’s feel our love, friendship, and nature. 
We’ll run back down from the ridge. You’ll chase me.
I’ll fall, and laugh. You’ll laugh, once I laugh.
Let’s pack up, grab the cans, put back the hatchet.
Hand in hand down the trail.
Breathe the last bit of solitude. The last bit of freedom for now. Just you and I.
Meet me in the woods. This time next year.


Photos by Ricky Rojas and Meg Muirhead

December 28, 2015

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