getting a new pair of denim jeans can be one of the greatest things... all you really want to do is break those suckers in, wear them proudly, sleep in them, and a lot more. so when it comes to knowing how to properly break those jeans in, and care for them, it shouldn't involve an overwhelming search on the internet. sure, there are a number of opinions, and how-to-guides out there, but we wanted to share a few ways we found to be most successful for breaking in our very own Enduro Denim Jeans. need a pair of your own Enduro Denim? find 'em through the link below.

1. Put Them To Use. Seriously.

you know what our first thought was for breaking in a new pair of Enduro Denim Jeans? yup, ride a motorcycle. and guess what, we've found the best way to break in a pair is to truly ride in them. pretty simple, right? plus, the constant sitting position while riding will naturally help open up the seat and knees of the jean. and hell, the Enduro Denim Jeans are reinforced with 13% Dyneema®, blended with 68% Cotton and 10% CORDURA® Nylon for increased abrasion and tear resistance. actually, our latest version of our Enduro Denim Jeans is made with an extra 5% Dyneema®. this material equation obviously makes it ideal for riding in.

2. Sleep With Them On.

sure, you may be used to that warm and comfy bed of yours, but there are times to forego that safe, warm place and live a little. get out there, find a great spot to camp out, and sleep in your Enduro Denim Jeans. start a nice fire, have a bit of whiskey, and pass out with them on. hey, you may even toss-and-turn a bit, but that'll help break them in. why? we don't know, but you'll be that much closer to your Enduro Denim than you were before and this time with stories to tell. we've been there before and we'll definitely be there again..  

3. Get In The Water With Them.

it might sound crazy, but showering or swimming in your Enduro Denim Jeans would help break them in as well. if you're out on the bike, find a stream to hydro over; that'll get them soaked nicely. soaking the jeans should quicken the process of break in. the fibers in the denim jean will loosen a bit more while wet. moving around in the jeans while they soak helps them stretch around the seat and knees, as well as any other area that may initially feel snug. after 5-10 minutes of that, take them outside and let them dry in the sun.

PS - anyone that sends us pictures of this process will get a nice care package sent out to them.

4. Simply Wear Them.

if you get as stoked as we do with new product in hand, the only thing you want to do is wear your new gear. and that’s great. whether you shape boards, build bikes, work in a shop, sit behind a comp in the office, the Enduro Denim Jean is great for all. wearing them as often as you can will help your jeans break in faster and develop fades that give them that unique character.

Already have a pair of denim that you love?

are you still rocking those unwashed Enduro Denim Jeans from last year and they're starting smell like they need a quick wash? check out these easy steps below for a quick fresh'n up on those things:

a cold soak is always recommended for washing your Enduro Denim Jeans. just like washing that stagnant wetsuit of yours, here are a few quick steps.

1. fill your tub, or a bucket, with cold tap water... please note, a porcelain tub might get stained by the indigo dye, so proceed with caution or switch to a bucket if you're worried

2. add a little detergent, vinegar, or natural soap to the water and mix it up a bit

3. turn your Enduro Denim Jeans inside out and submerge them in the water

4. crack open a beer, or pour yourself some whiskey, and enjoy while the jeans soak for an hour or so

5. once the hour is up, empty the tub, or pull the jeans out of the bucket, and let them hang dry out of the sun

6. throw them back on and keep breaking them in!

questions? shoot us an email at

frothin' over the idea of a fresh pair of Enduro Denim Jeans? shop them through the link below. they're officially back in stock and ready to ship.

August 23, 2021

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