riding dual sport motorcycle through sierras

Over the hills and through the woods, to everywhere we go. A three-day weekend means a whole other reason to get lost, and a whole other day to enjoy it. Right now we’re rolling the dice and trying to pick which camp spot to strike out to soon as the workday is over. Because were in the mood to tune out, drop in, kick up some dust, and get drunk. 

This is our last minute Memorial Day roundup of our favorite go-to spots in California. We’re hoping this kicks your last minute planning skills into overdrive and you go find yourself a slice of outdoor time too. 

Montaña De Oro

Some classic California beach camping, we’ve racked up too many good times and good waves here to count. The best of both worlds you can slip down to the water or post up at your site, go for a hike, and see a damn good sunrise. Memorial weekend might be a madhouse there, but it’s for sure worth a shot. It’s that good. A two hour drive north of Santa Barbara, you take the 101 to Los Osos Valley Road, away from cell service and into an ideal getaway. 

Must pack: camping & cooking gear, boards, beach set up. 

Drink & eat: we’re feeling some daytime Paloma’s and tacos at this spot. 


Alabama Hills

We don’t even want to tell you how much we love it out there, because it still feels like a good secret some weekends. Just outside Lone Pine, California off the 395 you will find some epic rock climbing, hiking, dirt roads to trip down, tucked away camp spots nestled into boulders so big they stand like giants. It’s like someone took J Tree and set it at the base of the Sierras making the weather milder and the views more noteworthy. 

Must pack: dirt bike, camp gear, firewood, and a bandana in case the winds kick up.

Drink & eat: Coors and Brats.


Pine Mountain

The closest place we know that makes us feel like we’re straight up lost in the woods. Pine Mountain sits atop, well Pine Mountain, in the Los Padres National Forest. It’s about a two-hour drive from LA, and if we leave the office and head up the 33 through Ojai we can be there in about two and a half. The rad thing about that drive is there are more camp spots along the way should you get sidetracked. Up there the air is clear the views are epic and no one can hear you shout into the horizon. It’s a lesson in how close the good times can be to home, and how easy it feels like you can get away.

Must pack: camp gear, cooking gear, bikes, warm coat, and a bottle of whiskey.

Drink & Eat: a bottle of bourbon and a can of beans. If you’re feeling fancy get yourself a Dutch oven and make a fireside feast for you and your homies.


So, cheers to finding yourself deep in the woods, posted up by some water, desert locked, dirty as hell, and smiling so much it hurts.



May 25, 2018

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