what started as a small group camp out among friends and friends of friends nine short years ago has evolved into an annual event, featuring many familiar and new faces. it’s the event we look forward to all year long. the Hooligan Hoedown brings folks from all walks of life who share a common bond around two wheels and good times in the outdoors. and this year’s hoedown did not disappoint.

we met people from all over, coming from as far away as Europe for a weekend of riding, games, vendors, live music and good times, high in the Sierra foothills under that California sky. this year’s event was extended to two nights, allowing a more relaxed pace to a fun filled weekend.

the main Bandit Town arena was the site of the legendary Hooligan Games on Saturday afternoon. our friends at REVER Moto put together a few group rides Saturday morning, leading groups through Yosemite and the surrounding mountain roads. Super73 supplied the steeds for the Hooligan Relay race, which involved teams of four racing a slalom course to a hay stack, stocked with hidden cans of 805 Beer and a $250 gift certificate from our friends at Biltwell. each rider had to shotgun a beer before returning through the slalom course to tag their teammate, who would repeat the process. needless to say bedlam ensued, to the joy of the crowd.

the next game was appropriately called Pandemonium. the rules were simple. two teams of ten on opposite sides of a short field and a pile of various objects, including rubber chickens, motorcycle inner tubes and a few blow up sex dolls for good measure. the object of the game was to work with your team to deposit as many as said objects as possible into the goal barrel at the opposite end of the field. imagine a group of 20 people fighting over random, stretchy objects in the middle of a field. Pandemonium.

finally, the crowd favorite and main event, mini bike jousting brought the games to their glorious highpoint. the men’s and women’s brackets were both filled with worthy gladiators battling it out for bragging rights and a trophy to commemorate their victory. the crowd cheered on their favorite competitors, who jousted bravely on the 50cc minis.

throughout the event, Bandit Town’s Main Street was lively and filled with vendors, goods to browse, and much more. there was something for everyone and the Main Street attractions provided a welcome place to gather and hang out in between activities.
finally, a Hoedown would not be complete without live music. Friday night brought back one our favorite bands, Moonsville Collective, for a rousing set of what they call “California Good Time Music." we would agree that good times are guaranteed to follow them wherever they play. we had so much fun listening to them Friday night, they came back Saturday for an encore set, opening up for two bands that blew the roof off the Bandit Town Saloon.
up first, Leroy from the North, melted our ears with a set of ’70’s inspired country gold with a touch of Detroit steel. if you watch our recap video of the event, you’ll have the pleasure of listening to their track, “Hey Man”, which will give you a taste of what they’re all about. these guys shine live and deserve to be listened to LOUD on the largest pair of speakers you can find. closing down Saturday night in the Saloon, Cordovas Band burned the barn down with their glorious collision of country, folk and groove heavy rock and roll. these Tennessee based boys put on a show none of us will soon forget.
Hooligan Hoedown would not be possible without the support of our sponsor partners. we’d like to send a special shout out and thank you to the following brands for not only supporting this event, but being part of this amazing community.
a special thanks to:
Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys: https://russbrown.com
Ranch Rider Spirits: https://www.ranchriderspirits.com
Los Angeles Moto: @losangelesmoto
photography by @greggboydston & @tonigrams
September 28, 2021

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