Around here, we like to layer up.  Whether we’re spending a day in the saddle and riding through unpredictable weather or putting in the hours at the office before hitting happy hour, the layer system provides versatility for whatever comes our way.

While each and every product we craft is built to ride through hell and back, we rounded up a few essential items that keep us prepared for variable conditions on a day-to-day basis.  Check out a few of our everyday layering favorites below.

Corduroy Rambler Jacket : Sequoia Hooded Fleece

Our Sequoia Fleece is a longtime staff favorite with its super soft cotton/rayon/poly French terry fabric and cover-stitched seams for mobility in the shoulders.  When we’re out testing products in the field, it’s often paired up with the Corduroy Rambler Jacket for a combination that’s soft on the inside and rugged on the outside.  For us, it’s the right attire to meet the demands while staying comfortable when we’re on the job or exploring the wilderness.

Iron and Resin Layering Essentials

Rambler Vest : Libertad Crew

The Rambler Vest has been an Iron & Resin classic for years.  We might be bias, but it’s a testament to the notion that when you buy quality, you only buy once.  Constructed from weatherproof Martexin waxed canvas that keeps the wind from cutting through to our core, it’s a tried-and-tested essential for the road.  Going bareback underneath the vest is certainly a look but when we’re hanging around a fire after the sun goes down or waking up in the mountains, the Libertad Crew provides added warmth and breathability without restricting movement.

Iron and Resin Rambler Vest & Libertad Crew Layering

After all of the miles we’ve logged, if there’s one thing we’ve learned it’s to expect the unexpected. That’s why we strive to create high-functioning clothes we can count on no matter what road we go down.

If you'd like to shop all Iron and Resin layering options, check out our full  collection of Layering Essentials.

June 18, 2018

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