We spend a lot of time in the Iron & Resin Studio HQ in Ventura CA so getting outside is one of the most important parts of our work day. We try not to make it the usual to bring our own lunch to work and eat it in the "break room." As much as we can, weather permitting, we use the mid-day to get out and do what we love.  

Luckily last week, we had a nice break from the rainy weather and headed out to the Ojai Skatepark with Tyler, our super-talented graphic artist, to see the Tradesman Pant perform outside of the office.

Iron & Resin Tradesman Pant in the Studio Sample Room
Iron & Resin Tradesman Pant in Navy

Just an everyday-type-a-Monday. 65 & cloudy.
No one around with a concrete slab all to himself.

Iron & Resin Tradesman Pant at the Ojai Skatepark
Iron & Resin Tradesman Pant Left Side Selvedge Twill in Navy
Iron & Resin Tradesman Pant Rolled Up Pant Cuffs
Iron & Resin Tradesman Pant Skateboarding in Ojai

Tyler rips.

Iron & Resin Tradesman Pant

Tradesman Pant

Plain-and-simple, the Tradesman Pant is our take on the classic twill pant for the not-so-pretty boy.

Iron & Resin Tradesman Pant Selvedge Twill Detail in Navy
Iron & Resin Tradesman Pant Zoomed In Detail Navy Pant

We'll get into the tech specs in a second, but ultimately we wanted a pair of pants that could go from work, to the wild, to the city - that will also perform - and look good doing it.

Tradesman Pant Made From 9oz Selvedge Twill

The Tradesman Pant is built from a 9oz Selvedge Twill.  

If you're not yet familiar with the term, when you hear "Selvedge," it means when the twill is woven, the ends of the yarns actually loop back at the "edges" of the fabric ends. The process creates a stronger, more durable and finished fabric.

Iron & Resin Tradesman Pant in Navy Folded Detail
Iron & Resin Tradesman Pant in Navy Folded with Selvedge Twill Detail

It also means there's no need to "cover stitch" the interior seams, since the end result is an already clean finish. You can see this at when the pant is rolled up at the ankle openings. Most selvedge fabrics use contrast color yarns (whites/reds/oranges) on the edges of the fabric to distinguish it from the normal trimmed edge style fabrics today.

Iron & Resin Tradesman Pant in Tan Showing Selvedge Twill Details
Iron & Resin Tradesman Pant in Tan Folded Detail


Made in the U.S.A.

100% Cotton 9oz Selvedge Twill

Traditional 5-pocket pattern pant

Triple needle felled rise & back yoke seams

Custom INR metal shank button waistband


Slim straight
(Tyler is 6'0" & 150 lbs and wears a size 32)

Shop Now: Iron & Resin Tradesman Pant

"These pants are a go-to any day. They fit me like the standard slim straight pants out there, but the fabric feels a lot more durable and is the perfect weight. Definitely a great pant to cruise around on the skate with." - Tyler

Tyler Wearing the Iron & Resin Trademan Pant in Navy at Ojai Skatepark

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March 21, 2019

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