like many humans we know adventuring out there in this busy world, it's rare to find someone that doesn't dig a nice caffeine kick as much as we do. we're talking about a really-dang-good-cup-o-joe. and sure, we're into those mom-and-pop cafes that serve some of the best cups of coffee we've ever had. but that modern day convenience is not always available, especially when off the well worn path, tucked away from civilization... it's those moments when a simple, single cup of coffee is necessary - easy to pack, even easier to brew & serve.

well, good news. that artisan roasted, freshly ground, nitro sealed coffee that you can brew in a matter of minutes (pretty much anywhere) is now in reach. it's not your average ground up coffee either. that's right, we sourced some great tasting medium roast Direct Trade beans all the way from Cauca, Columbia. Direct Trade means the coffee was responsibly sourced right from the small farmers that grew it. awesome, right? so the dollars generated from the sales of our newly released "Bandits Coffee: 5-Pack For The Road" goes directly back to the small farmers out there making these amazing coffee beans. we dig that.

as a small, vulnerable, brand there are a lot of variables to consider when partnering with another brand, especially nowadays. transparency, reliability, quality, ethos. our partner - Steeped Coffee of Santa Cruz, CA - among many other important business factors, take their packaging seriously. they call it their Guilt-Free Packing™ - that means taking every step to ensure their packaging impact goes unnoticed. they made it a mission to solve the environmental dilemma created by those single-serve coffee pods that accumulate in the world's landfills every day.

so for us, partnering with another brand that cares deeply for limiting the amount of waste that goes out into our environment is a huge thing for us. we see the weekly ocean water quality reports from our hometown surf spots and we witness the amount of trash that didn't make it to the local landfill blowing around our streets. that's what makes our Bandits Coffee so special to us, the packaging not only uses renewable plant-based materials, but is fully compostable. that means everything is compostable and recyclable: the 5-pack carton our Bandits Coffee comes in, the package holding the coffee, and the steep bag itself.

here comes the coolest part to all of this - the simplicity in making a single cup of quality coffee: simply open your single-serve steeped bag with a quick tear and drop it in your favorite mug. obviously you'll have the JetBoil going on in the background getting that water temp to the perfect ~200º temp. once it's to temp, gradually pour the 8oz hot water into your mug.

once that 8oz of water is steaming in your camp mug, go ahead and dunk the bag for 15-30 seconds, or even longer for your desired strength. we've found that even a minute or longer is about the strength we like.  

you can also leave the steeped bag inside of your mug until the desired strength and/or taste is reached. we've found that anywhere from 2 - 3 1/2 minutes does the trick for this medium roast coffee. now all you have to do is sit back and enjoy.

October 16, 2021

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