STORE NAME: Devolve Moto

A little over 3 years ago I started working towards creating the shop (and career) of my dreams. An all encompassing adventure lifestyle destination store that has a little bit of everything you need to get out and explore the world whether it be by land, air or sea. It started as just a whimsical thought while working my way through film sets in Wilmington, NC and watching an emerging moto culture take hold on the west coast and turn out some of the coolest retail concepts (i.e. I&R, Deus, See See, etc) I’d ever seen. Stores I would’ve loved to shop in on a regular basis if not for them being on the wrong side of the country. Then the NC film industry was killed. That was a bummer. Then the accident happened. Major bummer.

I was nearly killed by a drunk driver while riding my motorcycle home from hanging out with some of my best friends. There are worst ways to go, but I’m happy the story didn’t end that night. As I was laid up in my hospital bed, broken and bloodied, I did a lot of soul searching while trying to figure out what to do now that my chosen industry had been demolished by our state leaders and came to the conclusion that – life is just too damn short and unpredictable to NOT follow your dreams and shoot for the moon. So I started getting serious about making this shop dream a reality. Through a serendipitous encounter via a surfing buddy I met my business partner Charles Long, who not only brought years of world class business experience to the table but also an impeccable eye for design and an empty, charismatic building in the heart of one of Raleigh’s coolest neighborhoods. We both shared a common bond of growing up as children with motorcycles in our lives. Charles in his dad’s Triumph and Ducati repair shop in 70's upstate New York, and me dodging pines (through the 90's) in rural NC.

Through a lot of long night and maybe a few beers, Devolve Moto was born. Its not an end-all be-all shop for any one particular thing, though motorcycles will always be at the center of our hearts. We like to think of it as a Swiss army knife shop. A little bit of everything you need to get out in the world and stir up some trouble, plus all the goods to clean you up afterwards.

Our customers cover a broad range of people that enjoy getting off the beaten path. Our main customer profile is a man or woman around 25-40 years old and into adventurous endeavors like skating, surfing, motorcycling, camping and exploring.

We carry a little of this and a little of that for whatever form your trek takes — adventure brands like NEMO Equipment, Eartheasy, and Poler Stuff; fashion labels like Tellason, Iron & Resin of course, Deus Ex Machina, Pendleton and Roark Revival; moto gear from Simpson Helmets, Roland Sands Designs, Vanson Leathers and Biltwell; and lifestyle goods from places like Damn Handsome Grooming, Forge and Foundry, and Great Bear Wax Co.

That's a tough one haha. The graphic tees are awesome, the hats are crazy awesome, and the Terrain Pannier is a frickin revelation. We're also huge fans of the canvas aprons and tool rolls as well.

Coming up in October we will be celebrating our ONE YEAR Anniversary! We're pretty excited about that. We also just took a large amount of our offerings from brick and mortar to an online shopping platform, that was a huge step for us. We'll be putting the full store up shortly. We're also about to release our second custom motorcycle, a beach cruiser inspired 79 BMW R65.

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August 01, 2016

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