It’s the season of them days. You know the days we’re talking about. The early-rising, easy-living, late-night days. Those days well spent beer-buzzed and barbecuing. The ones when you find yourself floating in large bodies of water, jumping off tall objects, and staring into wide-open spaces.

We’re talking about the days you can’t put a goddamn price on and don’t need but a few dollars for. When your face hurts from laughing too hard and your heartrate spikes from riding too fast. The ones that leave you sleeping good because you lived them good.

Let’s all have ourselves one of them days.

May 23, 2017


Lawrence said:

Love the video. Who is the band and what is the song?

I’ve got one of your black Jean jackets. 56 years old and tuned in from Montreal.

Mark Miner said:

Sounds like a good idea

Leigh (am a guy) said:

Background music is great…. really boosts the spirit…..pictorials are great too…lots of variety…keeps the viewer engaged……. perfect!!

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