The Navigator Collection

Our love for the ocean started at a young age.  Growing up in Ventura, we were lured in and never looked back.  Crisp, early mornings were spent surfing world-class waves at Rincon.  Distant views of Anacapa’s Arch Rock beckoned us to the Channel Islands for spearfishing and lobster diving.  Nights consisted of passing a bottle around a fire on the beach.  We gravitated toward the unknown and it led to a deeper understanding of the path we choose.

Iron and Resin Navigator Collection - New for Spring 2018

As we move into another spring and summer season, we’re stoked to release the Navigator Collection: inspired by coastal adventures and built to endure all obstacles faced along the way

Iron and Resin Navigator Collection Haleiwa BoardshortIron and Resin Navigator Collection - Sand TexturesIron and Resin Navigator Collection - Line Up Jacket
Adorning a custom hula girl print that recalls epic surf trips to the North Shore of Oahu, our Haole Boardshort was designed with a single-piece leg panel to maximize comfort and mobility.  The iconic lines of the Sunset Shirt were first envisioned during a week-long exploration of the Baja Coast.  For boozy afternoons at the beach that turn in to late nights at the bar, the Curren Pant is equally suited for both environments.  No Bad Waves is a philosophy we’ve learned to live by and the desire to Ramble On is born from our need to always look beyond the next bend.  From breezy button downs to custom printed snapbacks, there’s much more to be discovered!

Iron and Resin Navigator Collection - Curren PantIron and Resin Navigator Collection - CoastlineIron and Resin Navigator Collection - Sunset ShirtWe know the physical demands that come with this lifestyle.  One minute you have the unforgettable feeling of riding down the face of a 6-foot wave and the next you’re getting rag dolled.  Sometimes there’s only room for one pair of pants on an impromptu camping trip down the coast, and they damn-well better hold up. We know because this is how we live, and we know the frustration that comes when clothing fails.  That’s why our focus is always on quality and our style is always classic, because these goods are going to be around a while.

Check out the entire Navigator Collection for a full lineup that’s built to last many journeys in search of good times with good friends.  Here’s to another season of hooliganism!


April 15, 2018

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