It doesn’t take much to get up and go, but the hardest part of all is to take that first step into the unknown—to commit to the unpredictable, spontaneous and fruitful nature of the escape. Iron and Resin contributor, Abraham Ramirez did just that. A little over a year ago Abe jetted down to South America seeking adventure and from the sound of it, he found it by hiking, biking, climbing, surfing and skating through one of the world’s most untamed landscapes. In between the peaks and valleys he’s been sharing a few journal entries that are giving us a serious case of escapist envy. We hope you’re as inspired as we are.

Journal Entry #1

“Peru is filled with ruins upon ruins and the road is endless with rich history alongside the Peruvian Andes. I’ve read about an ancient military fortress built centuries ago by the Incas just miles away from what used to be the Inca capital. Cusco, Peru is rich in culture and beauty; it’s no stranger for the travelers who set out to explore it. I packed my bag and said goodbye to the new friends I had made in what is now a tourist destination filled with nightclubs and bars. I left because I crave adventure and I wanted to experience reality.”

- Abe Ramirez

October 11, 2016

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