there's no doubt about it, there's something about a plain white t-shirt that just stands the test of time. maybe it's the fact that the white crew neck was a standard issue in the U.S. Navy over 100 years ago? from what we've found is that, from that point on, it started to become an "acceptable" part of the daily wardrobe, not just as underwear or workwear. then there's Marlon Brando's appearance in 1951 that seemed to take a workwear "undergarment" to the masses as a man's daily-style-staple. then James Dean paired it with denim, and it took on some serious nostalgic influence.

fast forward to now, the white tee is engraved into our daily wardrobe. it's like a worn & weathered brimmed hat, a classic pick-up truck, or a hand-shaped log: nothing even comes close to its style. and nothing ever will. it's the ultimate blank canvas for expression. the hardest part is keeping them clean. our Perfect Tee is inspired by our favorite vintage tees, there's no doubt about it. if you're the same way, check it out for yourself.

May 11, 2021

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