that's right, we have an entire collection of Baja worthy gear that just dropped for Spring '22. not only did a few of our buddies send it off down in Baja recently, but they took a box full of these goods and put them to the test.

sure, there are a number of things that we never leave home without... the standard EDC items: pocket knife, tow rope, extra layers, water, tool roll, zip ties, etc. the reason is, no matter how far we're planning on going, there's nothing worse than that moment of, "man, I wish I packed the _____." a moment of F-bombs no mother would approve of.

do yourself a favor ahead of your next trip, layer up that arsenal and be prepared, you never know when you'll need that extra something.

Cruiser Jacket in Baja, MX

Moleskin layering via our Canyon Shirt

@greggboydston in the Stock Tee

hemp comfort: Hula Dreams Shirt

automatic A/C in the Alliance Tee

keeping it neat during XR maintenance: Shop Apron

keeping it neat during XR maintenance: Shop Apron

May 23, 2022

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