The '70s were a pretty rad era for a lot things: mad style, good feels, and timeless vibes. So much that the era inspired the core of our brand (to say the least). Well, one sport that grew from just a few local "kids" to a public phenomenon was skateboarding. Especially in California. Hell, especially in Southern California. And there were a handful of pioneers at the time that made this happen. You know, those absolute natural talents that were pressing the limits on radical slalom runs, getting vertical in empty backyard pools, and freestyling with bare feet in the flats. Stuff that not many were doing at the time. It was a time when hitting the coping was unheard of; so keep that in mind.

If you haven't heard of Richard Van Der Wyk then you're in for a sweet ride right now. In short, he's one of skateboarding's absolute legends -- a pioneer in skating backyard pools -- and one of the few guys in the '70s that made the sport of skateboarding what it is today. We're talking about radical speed turns up at the Santa Barbara Tea Gardens, hitting the coping on vertical backyard pools when it wasn't even heard of at the time, and bombing down Palm Street in VTA going 50mph+. The kind of shit that isn't appreciated as much as it should be. And hell yes, we love all of it.

Photos not doing it for you? We get it. Check out these sick clips below, we think it'll help you out. We got lost watching these for a bit. So much, that we might be going on a skate mission later today...

Well, we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet up with Richie to help shoot some of our short sleeve button-ups. We can't even start to talk about the wealth of stories, local history, and pure humbleness that he provided to us... we'll have to try to come close to that on another Q&A piece in planning. But in the meantime, we thought we'd share a few of Richie's collection that warped us back in time.

“When you get down to basics, the only difference between two skateboarders doing the same thing is the way in which they do it; or, in other words -- their style.”
- Greg Weaver in SkateBoarder VOL2 - Summer 1975

I mean, if you hit the coping, it was a big deal.”
- Richard Van Der Wyk

Have a bit of browsing time to spare?

Get some style points from some of our short sleeve quiver below.

April 20, 2021

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