Available now, and only for a limited time, is Iron & Resin' limited edition Bruce Brown Summer 2015 collection. Iron & Resin is the California label that prides themselves on being different than the rest. They create well-made, California designed and produced clothing that have an edgy nature to them. With a tag line of "Freedom Riders", Iron & Resin's clothing looks more than appropriate in one of two places-- on the beach, or on a motorcycle on the 101.

The collaboration with Bruce Brown couldn't be more fitting. Brown is the filmmaker behind highly revered films like The Endless Summer and On Any Day. If you didn't see the film, you undoubtedly have seen the poster countless times, it's iconic imagery found everywhere from college dorm rooms to eclectic & stylish living rooms across the world.

What Iron & Resin delivers in the new line is effortlessly stylish, with a touch of inherent rebel.


June 09, 2015