We've always been a fan of a hard day's work—and the pants that help you do it. Our friends at Gear Moose must agree. They named our Union Work Pants one of their favorites. In their own words...

"Iron and Resin knows plenty when it comes to making remarkably long-lasting gear that can tolerate just about anything — from a long day on the job to a motorcycle-driven road trip to hour upon hour of fall and winter chores (hey, that firewood won’t chop itself). The Union Work Pant can stand up to all of those tasks and more, what with its dependable 12oz. Cotton canvas and double-knee reinforcement. Add in a double-layer rear leg cuff — an unheard-of touch on most pants — and you’ve got a set of trousers that can work … and work." Read more.

work pants

November 22, 2017