The Timeless Texture Of Corduroy

corduroy is one of those materials that just oozes style. it has this innate ability to elevate the simplest of outfits to add just the right amount of personal flair.

if you were take a look into our closets you’d see corduroy lined up back-to-back; after all, what’s not to love? from the insulating properties on those brisk morning surf checks, to the immediate out of the box comfort, it’s hard to ever want to take it off.

But Why Corduroy?

what happens when you combine the hard-wearing properties of a cotton twill and the comfort of a velvet? you find yourself with corduroy. there’s a reason we’re doubling down on this material as we enter the new year. not only does it look good, but this timeless fabric is classic, soft, warm, durable, and yes it’s even stain resistant. what’s not to love?