Danny D's Mud Shop X Iron & Resin

Crafting Heritage One Throw At A Time

cowboys, smiling devils, flaming dice, and scenes of the west are just a few of the motifs that color Daniel Dooreck’s handcrafted ceramics. his pieces seem to transport us back to the traditional American tattoo art of the past, an aesthetic that has long caught our eye and drawn us to be admirers of his work.

when you couple the motifs and stylings of these one-of-a-kind pieces with the fact that Danny makes all of this in his ‘Mud Shop’ just down the road from us, collaborating just made sense. after carrying a handful of styles exclusively in the Ventura Garage we decided it was time to collaborate on a few pieces for the site, and we couldn’t be more thrilled on how they turned out.

each of these four unique pieces were crafted by hand just an hour south from our HQ, lovingly thrown, carved, and glazed.

while Danny may shy away from calling what he does art, instead opting to say he’s ‘turning mud into REALLY NICE ceramics,’ we’d venture to say that regardless of what you call it, and however you see it, Danny’s pieces are the type of pieces that inspire us to create, and remind us of the reason for pursuing our dreams everyday. his art is a direct reflection of him, his surroundings, and influences, and we’re lucky to be able to play a small part on that journey.