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detours & distractions

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we've heard this labeled as "doom scrolling" recently, but we tend to disagree. our Detours & Distractions page has been built to provide a safe haven of our recent observations & inspirations. meant to inspire and creative like-minded thoughts with content that our team, colleagues, family & friends, and customers all alike can take a moment through the day and let the mind wander.


Searching For Michael Peterson

highly recommend opting-in for the free 7-day trial on Surf Network to watch this documentary on Michael Peterson. one of Australia's most stylish surfers in the 70s and has definitely influenced some of the most timeless riding styles that will live on forever.

No Dreams Left Behind

our friends over at Vahna get it. like us, they're dreamers. searching for that soulful feeling of pure freedom. never looking back. inspired by change, never really looking back. this short film is worth the short 3min watch, that's for sure.

Old Is Good & Always Will Be.

there's no denying our love for the past, especially quiver shapes that still go unchanged after 40+ years of innovation & experimentation. Howler Brothers get it:

How To Break In Raw Denim

denim-heads say you have to wait months or even years before delicately hand washing your precious high-end jeans. these experts say otherwise, check it out if you have denim you love:

Skateboarding of the 70s

scrolling through film photography of youth skateboarding in Southern California during 70s rings a bell close to the heart for us. interested? waste some time & take a scroll here:

10 Best Motorcycle Tents

we not shy of camping right next to the bike in the middle of nowhere. right in the dirt if need be. but when that weather tells us otherwise, you need shelter options to take along with.

What It's Really Like to Live In a Van

adventure photographer and veteran van-dweller James Barkman tells it like it is. it may look like sunshine and seashells up on the 'grams, but there's always the other side of the story so often never told...