There was a time when denim was a symbol of the working man. Back then, it wasn’t about fashion. It was about the notion that your clothes are a piece of equipment, and a sturdy pair of jeans fast became the unofficial uniform of tough jobs. 

Around here, we live in denim. And despite seeking the highest quality denim we could find, we would find ourselves with blown out crotches, worn through knees and pockets with holes in them after only a few seasons of hard wearing use. So we set out to create the most durable pair of jeans ever made. Introducing Enduro Denim. Two years in the making and every possible detail thought through. We worked tirelessly with our friends at North Carolina’s Cone Mills to develop a denim jean that will hold up to our abusive lifestyles and won’t fail us when the going gets tough. American made and reinforced with Dyneema in the actual yarn for increased abrasion and tear resistance. We won’t bore you with a bunch of technical data, but just know that there is some space-age stuff woven into the fibers of these jeans that will help save your hide should you decide to get radical. 

Enduro Denim is a classic, timeless cut that recalls an era when jeans were made to take a beating. This may just be the last pair of jeans you ever need to buy. 

  • 12oz. Enduro Denim - 92% Cotton / 8% Dyneema
  • Most Functional, Rugged and Durable 5 Pocket Jean Ever Built
  • Mid Rise Waist - for the perfect fit and coverage
  • Western Style Pocket Shape - for easy access when standing or seated.
  • Classic Fit - in thighs and seat
  • Classic Tapered Fit - slight taper to cuff
  • Triple Needle Felled Rise and Back Yoke
  • 9oz. Twill Reinforced Pockets
  • Double Rear Belt Loop
  • Raw Veg-Tanned Leather Label
  • Custom I&R Copper Button and rivets

What is Cone Mills Denim with Dyneema?

Cone Denim is using Dyneema® to create high-strength technical fabrics that don’t look like high-strength technical fabrics. Using a small amount of Dyneema® Cone Mills can create a cloth that’s stronger than normal but with the same authentic denim look. There is 8% Dyneema® spun into the yarns in both the warp and weft, this increases the abrasion resistance by 250-600%, tear resistance by 50-100%, and tensile strength by 25-100%. Denim was always the choice for people who need sturdy, protective workwear. Dyneema® is the strongest and most durable fiber in the world. So combining the two is the perfect way to increase durability, toughness, protection, and cut resistance, without reducing comfort.

How do they fit?

These jeans are our classic fit, comfortable at the hips and thigh and stylishly tapered down to the cuff. We also added a little more to the back rise so your butt crack won't be showing while riding your bike. See a full size chart here.

Wash, Care and Wear?

For the best results wear 4-6 months or as long as possible before first wash. Indigo dye may transfer onto surfaces it contracts for the first few wears. Hand or machine wash in cold water, use gentle or delicate setting. Use as little detergent as needed. Rinse and hang to dry in shady location. In fact, they will relax and wear in like most jeans do. These jeans will age and fade in all the same places as a regular pair of jeans. They'll take on unique characteristics as you roam, ride and play.