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You may have grown up racing against him at Indian Dunes as a kid, or watched him race the Baja 1000 in ‘Dust to Glory.’ Or, perhaps you saw his as the head of the Bandito Brothers production company, which pioneered modern filmmaking and production with the movie ‘Act of Valor,’ and the record-breaking X-Games/Hotwheels stunts. However you’ve come to know Michael ‘Mouse’ McCoy, you quickly realize in his presence that he’s a living legend who has done it all, and done it damn well.

Mouse has been to every part of the world chasing a good ride and a good story, but when he needed a fresh space to expand his horizons further, he chose our local town of Ventura, California. It’s not a stretch to love this town. A California kid at heart, he describes it as having a blue collar ethic with good surf and some of the best roads for riding anywhere. A lot of folks don’t realize that some of the best, historic off-road racing happened just 20 minutes down the road from us.  

McCoy needed a few important things to create his new garage, but nothing more important than space. His choice was an old industrial warehouse, covered in grease, manufacturing debris, and who knows what else. But underneath the grime was a blank canvas to work with. He spent months with his wife and team taking the space down and rebuilding it from scratch, which actually makes a ton of sense after spending some time with the man. He is constantly breaking down big ideas into the molecular building blocks that help him understand where things come from and where they are going next.  

He’s got a garage with dirt bikes torn down and race ready, and a communal corner filled with a tasteful mix motorcycle memorabilia and mid-century artworks. He has a nook that is dedicated to music, and while Mouse mentions that he’s often inspired by ‘metal’, I also took note that he has a Patti Smith record (‘Horses’ of course) adjacent to a framed photograph of Jimi Hendrix. It’s a multi-faceted space for a guy who has done it all. He quickly credits his wife Carmela for all of the design, and her love of Polish movie posters is prevalent in every corner. If you haven’t spent time with the practice, I suggest you take a deep dive.

Above Picture: Priceless Ducati backed by Polish movie art

Above Picture: Mouse's music nook

But then, there is this other side of the space. It’s foreign and new, and it’s Mouse McCoy’s latest endeavor. In a word, Mouse calls it ‘the future.’ One hundred percent serious. This motorcycle legend, turned stuntman, turned notable director and producer is tackling the FUTURE in his new garage. He’s turned a new page in his work, and has dedicated himself to the pursuit of bringing design and manufacturing to the modern generation. It takes a little mind expansion to really wrap your head around it, but trust me when I say he’s answering some big questions here. If you catch him around town you’ll find yourself better informed and awestruck.

The McCoy’s garage is not a typical garage, it’s an experience. It pays homage to his history, their inspiration as a couple, and serves as a space to chase down some serious dreams. Oh, and there is a Chenowth buggy right inside the door! You’ll have to check the video for a little peek at that one!

Above Picture: Another angle of the converted warehouse

Above Picture: Vintage Airstream used to accommodate guests

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Video by Scott Toepfer
Photos by Scott Toepfer and Jonny Bourgault