Iron & Resin x Vanson Riding Gloves

Iron & Resin stands by a few key principles when it comes to product - design it to be the best, hand craft it in America, and build it to last. In a world of mass production and job outsourcing, there are a handful of companies out there that share these basic tenets. Vanson Leathers is one such company. Since 1974, Vanson has been hand crafting the highest quality rider specific leather jackets, gloves and race suits in their Massachusetts factory.

Vanson leather believes it is all about the "feel" from the machine and ability to operate controls with sensitivity. Vanson gloves help you achieve a "oneness" with the bike. Leather stretches more in one direction than another and Vanson takes this into consideration when each piece is cut. Each glove is placed on a heated form to gently stretch and shape to the exact size. Every glove is hand stitched from matched pieces using nylon thread. All gloves have their own I.D. number, which allows them to track each glove through manufacturing and insure absolute quality control.

The gloves we designed with our friends at Vanson are the ideal gloves we would want to own. Retro inspired, yet highly functional, with double layer, cross stitch palm panels, double layer protection for the back of your hand and fingers, and a velcro closure, sealed with an Iron & Resin Anchor Piston rivet. The entire glove is made from premium American deer hide for extreme suppleness and comfort. These are available now in very limited quantities. Get yours in The Garage or in our online store.


July 19, 2013

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