In America, we’ve always idolized the rugged individual.

We've always romanticized the lives of the men and women that navigated the harshest of elements for some greater purpose. The pilgrims who crossed the Atlantic, the cowboys that expanded across the Wild West, and every adventurous man and woman that’s taken to the open road in search for adventure have often had one thing in common: a damn good jacket.

That trusted outer layer is vital to any properly-prepared explorer—to anyone that’s getting anything done—because your jacket can do it all.

That well-worn coat has a funny way of being able to be everything at once. It keeps you warm at night, protected from the wind in harsh conditions, and makes for a surprisingly good pillow for an impromptu sleeping arrangement.

At Iron and Resin, we’re in the business of making road-ready wear for the everyday man. And thus, we take particular care in crafting the best jacket for any lifestyle.

Scout Jacket

scout jacket

Scout verb  \ ˈskau̇t \ :
to explore an area to obtain information

The scout has taken on many different forms throughout U.S. history. Indian allies to the colonists in 1634, frontiersmen like Daniel Boone in 1767, all the way to our fume-fueled asphalt shredders of today.

Our Scout Jacket borrows a lot from the ideals of traditional scout’s - weather-resistant, durable, and made for ranging, but that isn’t to say we haven’t kept comfort in mind.

The Scout embodies the timeless adage of being tough on the outside, but soft on the inside. It’s rough exterior remains unphased by inclement weather and the flannel lining makes sure you’re staying cozy as hell.

Corduroy Rambler


Ram·ble verb  \ ˈrambəl \ :
walk for pleasure, typically without a definite route.
The Corduroy Rambler is truly built to handle wherever and whatever life might throw at you. Named for those aimless adventures that find you in the best and worst of times—hopefully more of the former—this jacket serves you well whether you find yourself at a roadside dive bar or caught in a hailstorm 30 miles out from the nearest turnout.
Made in the USA from 100% cotton waxed canvas and fitted with a corduroy collar, The Corduroy Rambler only gets better with time. Take it out and you won’t want to take it off.

Midway Jacket

midway jacket

Mid·way adverb & adjective \ ˈmidˌwā,ˌmidˈwā \
in or toward the middle of something.

While this jacket may have been dreamed up in a sunny Southern California coastal town, you’ll be feeling more like a Himalayan mountaineer with it’s 100% sherpa fleece lining. And we call it the midway for a reason—the tough cotton bedford cord exterior keeps your threads just as durable as it is comfortable.

Sure, you may be be prepared for subzero weather when it’s only just below 50 outside. But who cares? The point is that you’re ready for an apocalyptic turn in the weather and you look damn good doing it.

But that’s not all


We know that there’s a rugged individual in all of us, and making sure we’ve got the jacket for every iteration means there’s a few more than the scout, rambler and midway. From nautically-inspired to Top Gun-esque outer layers, we’ve got the styles and materials to keep you prepared for the land, sea, and whatever comes in between. Check them out. 

December 15, 2017

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